This summer I spent  a few days in a secluded valley in the Alps, just in time to celebrate Bastille Day. The small community there put on a gorgeous fireworks display. I left early in order to avoid hiking up a real bitch of an incline in the pitch dark – one that takes a good 15 minutes with full visibility. So as I made my way, I stopped to catch my breath, turning around to look down at the cozy elementary school where all the locals were. It was beautiful there, dusk falling, the live village bands notes fading below and I seemingly eveloped by a sea of forest greens.

The way my mind works though, being isolated on the valleyside, hiking up to a chalet inaccesible by vehicle, and knowing all inhabitants and visitors would be busy for the next couple hours. If anything happened to me during that time, well. There would be no one to come a’knocking.

Here is the blurb for this soon to be novel:

27 years after being brutally attacked and kept prisoner in her own mountain chalet, Jude carries on with her simple life surrounded by her protective close-knit community. When a stranger comes to town, the village of Vendic Valley find a way to put Jude’s past tragedy to rest.