So beautiful. Had to share: The Synesthetic Artist: She Paints What She Hears — LOWLIFE MAGAZINE

In the following 3-minute clip, Melissa McCracken, a Kansas City-based artist, describes and demonstrates her unique artistic style as a consequence of her synesthesia, a rare neurological condition in which the brain is cross-wired, resulting in certain stimuli eliciting incorrect responses in the brain. In Melissa’s case, different sounds are perceived as different colours; it is this form of […]

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Application to Join the Quivering Quill Scribe Society — musingdotvom

1) Why would you like to join this writers’ group?

a. I just bought a new beret to go with my wayfarers, and I feel overly pretentious wearing them amongst the general population. Could I bum a cigarette off of you? b. I once wrote an essay that won a Daughters of the American Revolution […]

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Gifts from dream killers

I’ve had some dillies of ideas literally roll out of my brain either during deep uninterupted sleep or upon waking up. I suppose all those hints at writing before one’s brain awakens has some merit, yeah? Does for me at any rate. Luckily and sometimes not so luckily I have very vivid emotion soaked scenarios play out behind my eyelids. Serial killer dreams, death dreams, freaky Children of the Corn type dreams where I get to (yay me!) experience physical and emotional parts of these type of sunny moments as if I were actually living them.  All the sensations and feelings – terror, apprehension, grief, regret… a writer’s treasure trove.

Do you get ideas from your dreams? Do you remember your dreams?

Here is the beginning of my latest story ‘Severed’ – courtesy of an full length horror/suspense dream. That was a good night.


You never think your niece and nephew are just gonna wake up one day and want to lob your head off, do you ? I mean who would think it?