Six Near-Death Experiences

My good friend is at it again. Check out her list of near death experiences that many of us can relate to…


1. “I think we should talk to other people.” No, these words were not coming from an evasive lover but a good friend with whom I went to a writers’ conference. “It’s good for networking!” I will die, I thought and maybe even said out loud. Talk to strangers? I certainly have nothing in common with this room full of people who are all fiction writers trying to get published. I only write because I love being alone for extended periods of time. Just like that, my friend mosied over to the far end of the room, and I was left to my own devices. “Hi, my name is Ellen,” a woman said, presumably to me, in line waiting for coffee. “Hi, I’m Christin,” I countered. Time was running out. If the conversation had an awkward pause that ran too long, I would spontaneously combust. I was sure of it…

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